Who are the Tree Riders?

Tree Riders NYC was dreamed up while the founders were on an epic bicycling adventure to Philadelphia…. Two friends, a pile of dreams, and a huge dose of hard work later, the Tree Riders were born! Soon after, the mission became clear: to support the arts while turning the NYC Christmas tree shopping experience into a unique and memorable event for you and your family.  We put on a month long immersive show that bathes you in evergreen glory and warms you with our cheerful staff of artists from the moment you step into our stand.

And let’s be real… we know how arduous and unpleasant shopping for a Christmas tree can be in New York. It can be a minefield of bad manners, high prices, and subpar service that can leave a person thinking they’re walking away with a bag o’ coal! The Tree Riders refuse to let that happen.

At Tree Riders NYC, we take pride in seeing our trees through every step of the process. We are known to personally select, harvest and transport our trees to our East Village location, and deliver them to your home via bicycle! Every tree comes with a story and the hard work of our staff of artists! 

We’re here FIR you, NYC!