The Tree Riders have been featured in multiple publications over the years for our unique bicycle delivery service, community engagement, competitive prices, hand-crafted wreaths and of course, our farm-fresh and individually selected trees. 

Tree Riders NYC places paramount importance on the environment. For starters, it’s one of the primary reasons we deliver via bicycle! Moreover, if a tree is composted or recycled, a common practice in many major cities, the environmental footprint remains low. Not only do real trees sequester carbon, but they can be mulched and returned to the earth! Those yucky plastic trees, on the other hand, are non-biodegradable, use up precious resources, and don’t smell *nearly* as delicious :).

The Tree Riders proudly encourage NYC residents to partake in the annual Mulchfest (“Say fir-well to your holiday tree at NYC Parks!”). Likewise, TRNYC promises to implement these practices during and after the season (schedule your removal today by emailing Less waste makes the world a better place!

A few of our mentions and publications:

Joseph Schommer says the perfect Christmas tree can lift anyone’s spirits, and this year providing that extra bit of joy feels especially important. “You know, with COVID, with elections, with all the drama going on, I really think people need some sort of natural beauty in their life,” said Schommer.
Spectrum News NY1
Bryce Crumlish, 28, left, and Jeremy Tomaszewsky, 36, leave Tree Riders in the East Village with a delivery. Demand for trees has surged as people seek a bit of normalcy. Credit...Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times “I think people are just starving for human contact,” said Erika Lee Sengstack, an owner of Tree Riders NYC, the East Village stand where Ms. Karvelis bought her tree. “And to be able to make that connection on the street, over a tree, is truly heartwarming.”
The New York Times
Offering a sustainable service to recycle Christmas Trees is great for the community and the environment. We are delighted that Tree Riders NYC gives back to the community. Whether it’s with the woodchips or needles, mulch is a great way to keep your yard trees healthy and moist during the cold winter season. Pine needles are full of nutrients that enhance the PH of your soil if its more alkaline and allow your soil to breathe without becoming dense and compacted.
The Organic Street