Community Support

Tree Riders NYC was founded with the intention to employ as many New York City artists as possible, as well as give back to the arts community. In 2021 we initiated our Nonprofit Arts Sponsorship Program, whereby we partnered with several organizations we feel inspired to support.

This season, we are thrilled to partner with the following companies for the second year in a row, and look forwad to long and fruitful relationships with them in the years to come.

Please consider liking/following on social media, making a donation and/or volunteering for these incredible organizations.

New York Theatre Barn (NYTB) is an anti-racist non-profit theatre company that serves as a home for original culture shifting musicals during incubation. The company has been dedicated to incubating new musicals in front of live audiences since 2007. 

TRNYC is inspired by the volume of work and magnitude of talent that NYTB continues to generate, ESPECIALLY since the pandemic. TRNYC is grateful, proud and inspired to partner with them. 

What Will the Neighbor Say? is an investigative theatre company that provokes questions through untold stories. Led by a collaborative cohort of international artists, the Neighbors present overlooked social, cultural and historical narratives that challenge the audience to reflect on the current moment. 

TRNYC looks forward to supporting WWTNS?, as they represent the enthusiasm, creativity and progressive nature of the grassroots theatre community in NYC. They are asking important questions and making important contributions, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the years to come.

Hear Your Song

Hear Your Song, Inc. is a non-profit organization that empowers children and teens with serious illnesses and complex health needs to make their voices heard through collaborative songwriting.

TRNYC is in awe of what Hear Your Song does to inspire creativity and artistic expression in young,
sick children. Check out this heartwarming video.

St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery

TRNYC is deeply indebted to St.Marks for their generosity and support, and for providing a home for us since our first season in 2011. We could not do it without you, St. Marks!

Every year, TRNYC donates wreaths and a tree to the engine crew of the FDNY Engine 5 department on 14th Street, just a few blocks from the tree stand. Thank you for your service, FDNY!