Like a River Running Underground

Like a River Running Underground

Hey folks! Erika here, your friendly neighborhood Wreathstress :). So, I was thinking about all the things that go into our sweet little East Village Christmas tree stand, and thought I would shed some light on some of the lesser known aspects of Tree Riders NYC. While it may appear that we are dormant during the off season, I think it’s safe to say that we are very much alive and thriving. “How?” you might ask, “If you aren’t selling trees, what could you possibly be doing?” Well, allow me to elucidate…

Sure, The Riders all take a well-deserved break in January, but it doesn’t last for long! We are chipping away (pun definitely intended) throughout the whole year. We start as early as February making sure we’re connected with the farmers who will provide us trees for the following season. We maintain our social media here and there, and stay connected with the folks from the East Village we only see during the holidays. We might find ourselves editing the website, reflecting on the previous season’s notes, starting to compile inventory lists for the coming year, or showing support for one of the four amazing nonprofit performing arts organizations we partner with… But most of all, we find ourselves dreaming big about how TRNYC can take its next steps.

As for me, I’m looking to revamp the Wreath Department for 2022. It’s come to my attention over the years that buying in bulk from various wholesalers (and then traveling across several states in a 26′ Penske) is not yielding the results I desire. What results, you ask? Well, I’ll just say I’m verrrry picky about the quality of my wreaths and I want to implement a better and more reliable system to deliver top-notch, fresh, full, florist-quality wreaths. So far, my favorite option is to make them all myself… Which is virtually impossible… Or IS it? I’ll have to keep you posted on that… still coming up with a plan :).

Then there’s Joseph, who is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met (smart-working is more like it…). We meet over Zoom every couple of weeks to talk about updates and check in about the Biz and I am always impressed by the amount of forward momentum he has. You see, he is an innovator. He thinks outside the box. He genuinely wants what’s best for his customers and staff, as well as his family and friends. He self-teaches more than anyone I’ve ever met. SO – whether it’s communicating with farmers all over the Northeast or hiring a web developer to design an original app for our online delivery system… He is always preparing us for success, holiday season or not.

And that’s not all! 

But for now, I think it’s enough :). I hope this reflection provides a small glimpse of what it’s like to be a Tree Rider in April… 

Thanks for reading, and have a marvelous Season of Rebirth. 

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